Get peace of mind with an IT service agreement – we’ll take care of the details.

An IT Service Agreement with us includes IT operations, but also optimisation of the value of your IT.

What can a service agreement include?
  • Free support of employees’ computers and smartphones (PC/MAC and iPhone, iPad, Android)

  • Advanced technical system and App monitoring (hardware + software)

  • Next Generation Antivirus + EDR with professional analysts 24/7

  • Continuous update of Windows/MacOS + 3rd party apps

  • Online Backup of files or entire computer/server to the cloud with local copy

  • 10% discount on new projects and other non-IT items.

  • Monthly review of overall IT status

  • Scanning devices on your network for security vulnerabilities

  • Microsoft 365 products as needed (we are certified in administration)

  • Online backup of Microsoft 365 (Microsoft takes no responsibility for lost document or mail data)

Prices from 349,- per month with 30 days notice with possibility of discount for annual subscription.

IT Health Check

We keep you productive by giving your computers ongoing optimisation and health checks on hardware and software.

Advice & Support

Day-to-day support is a natural part of IT operations, so all plans include support for all your digital devices.

Antivirus & Update

An important part of cyber security is securing digital devices in multiple layers.
Antivirus + EDR and operating system update are the cornerstones of this.

Online Backup

Our Online Backup solution is based on solid experience, both for fast recovery and security.
Backup is stored in Danish data centre.

IT Project Management

If a technically minded lead partner is needed for obtaining quotes from suppliers, we are also available for this from idea to product.

Hosting and E-Commerce

Hosting with us is done with a focus on IT security as well as high reliability and focus on securing the site against hackers. The data centre is located in Denmark.

No matter how much or little assistance your business needs, we can customise an IT service agreement to suit your needs and price range.

We often use the customer’s current IT setup and equipment as a starting point and build on this, unless the equipment is outdated and no longer supported.

Several customers use us as a sparring partner for their internal IT, or outsource the entire IT operation to us to achieve the greatest savings.

We also offer a network report, so your company gets an overview of what hardware + software inventory and licenses you have (Normal price 950,- excl. VAT).
Once the report is complete and we have gathered information on all your devices on your network, we will review your network’s strengths and weaknesses together and our consultant will then advise on improvements and any areas you could save money on your IT budget.

All prices are exclusive of VAT, when backing up documents, you can choose documents for faster backup or the heavier System image for critical systems that must be able to quickly restore in case of system failure. Backup is usually included in the service contract and is charged according to usage, which is updated regularly. All subscriptions except Business Secure Plus 365 can be terminated with 30 days notice from month to month, Business Secure Plus 365 has a one year commitment and can be terminated 30 days before the renewal date due to Microsoft’s terms and requirement of a 1 year commitment on the Business Standard License.

*Subscriptions with support included apply to the employee’s covered computers and the tasks that arise in connection with the operation of this and within normal business hours. New projects, support beyond fair-use and non-operational tasks will be invoiced at the current support rate with a 10% discount. Subscriptions can be cancelled with 30 days’ notice from. 1st of each month. Prices and terms of service are subject to change.